Apple TV's CTV Ad Share Drops To 4%, Hulu Is #1 App In Spend

Apple TV’s estimated global share of open programmatic ads delivered to connected TV devices was 4% in Q2 2023, reports intelligence platform/fraud prevention provider Pixalate. 

That’s down five percentage points from an estimated share of 9% in Q2 2022, although up one point from Q2 2021’s 3%.   

At 4%, Apple TV is far behind dominant market leader Roku, at 45%, and Samsung, at 20%, but also behind Amazon, at 9%, according to a new, Apple TV-specific report based on programmatic advertising activity across more than 300 million CTV devices. 

Hulu was the No. 1 app in estimated open programmatic ad spend on Apple TV devices in this year’s second quarter, followed by Atmosphere TV, Bally Sports, BBC America and Fubo TV.

Apple TV devices had an invalid traffic rate (IVT, inclusive of ad fraud) of 22% in this year’s second quarter, which was significantly higher than the rates for Amazon Fire (18%) and Roku (13%) devices. 

There were 19,564 apps in the Apple TV store as of August 2023, 12% of which (2,667) support open programmatic ads.




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