Trump Attacks NBC News, MSNBC: So No Trump Ads On Those Networks?

The former President is now attacking Comcast -- and NBC News and MSNBC. He says they should be investigated for “country-threatening treason.” 

So I guess he won't be advertising on any of these networks anytime soon for his Presidential campaign? 

Trump says there will be consequences -- and that companies will be held to account. He threatens an investigation. 

Separately, he did get some spin on TV for his Presidential campaign efforts.

This was from an interview with Kristen Welker, the new host of NBC's "Meet The Press.” So I guess there was no need to use up any campaign TV media dollars to further his cause to get re-elected.

Interestingly, Trump's comments about “treason” on the TruthSocial social-media app about holding the Comcast news organization to account came just a few days after the “Meet the Press” interviews.



Regrets about doing the interview? Maybe. No doubt he has reviewed the tape of his performance, and it didn't go over so well.  But only in this regard: He did not get to do the Welker interview in front of an adoring live crowd “town hall” cheering his every remark -- as he did in a CNN interview in May with Kaitlan Collins.

The latter was an overwhelming promotional success for Trump. But not so much on NBC with Welker.

It's all about perception, promotion, and profile.

He has had his feathers ruffled even with Fox News Channel. In June, an interview with Bret Baier asked him some tougher questions as well -- and also fell flat in Trump's eyes. 

NBC did not accommodate him with the promotional veneer of an audience, and neither did Fox News. He calls certain media networks “The Enemy of the People.”

Top advertisers on “Meet The Press” interview telecast included Consumer Cellular, Red Lobster, Bank of America, Fidelity Investments, Ozempic, Amazon Web Services, Kardia, Chevron, and JP Morgan Chase. There was no national TV advertising for political marketers.

But I suggest if “Meet The Press” gets decent viewership and/or engagement -- and Trump finds himself against a strong, up-and-coming GOP Presidential contender -- he might consider some advertising in the absence of another major interview sans live audience. Perhaps he will do the same on Fox News Channel. 

If not, threatening calls for all sorts of actions will be used for the twice-impeached, four-times-indicted ex-President. Can you get all that in a Presidential TV advertising campaign?

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