GroupM Betas Walmart Retail Media Certification Program

Walmart Connect wants to turn the brands that sell through Walmart's online store into experts. On Thursday the company introduced Walmart Connect Academy Ad Certification, a training and education program for media buyers, partners and self-serve advertisers.  

GroupM ran early beta tests to help Walmart Connect understand the value of certification for a range of user types. More than 500 commerce-focused GroupM employees received early access for certification. 

Lauren Lavin, executive director of commerce at GroupM Nexus North America, believes access to the program gives the agency a better understanding on how to recommend, troubleshoot, activate and optimize clients’ campaign investments and exceed goals.

The program will open to all advertisers on Monday. This is a free program and there are no spend requirements.



Education has become critical in the advertising and marketing industry. Google, Microsoft and many other search and ad-tech platforms have initiated certification programs to ensure marketers make the correct decisions when using their technology.

Platforms that offer search-engine optimization also offer certification programs to help brands and companies understand the nuances of selling online without purchasing ads. 

When Google wanted to build a self-service advertising empire, it initiated certification classes to teach marketers in companies from one to an infinite number of employees on how to use its self-service platform. Not only use it's platform, but the nuances of advertising online.

Walmart Connect's program is designed to educate advertisers and partners to become certified experts on Walmart Connect's platform and products, and drive results for the brands they represent. 

The training and education supports Walmart Connect’s best practices across service types. The program is designed for hands-on users, media planners, and data analysts, such as agency partners or self-serve advertisers.

Anyone can gain certification, from current or prospective advertisers, self-service advertisers and partners to agencies -- even students.

Walmart Connect will introduce Display Self-Serve courses in 2024, and course types will continue to expand. For now available courses include Walmart Connect Retail Media, which includes two courses, provides learning and foundational understanding of retail media. 

Sponsored Products consists of 11 courses such as setting campaign goals, ad placement, bids and budgets. Sponsored Brands, three to four courses, covers product eligibility, targeting techniques, competitive bids and budgets. 

The program also offers a Sponsored Video certification. The two to three course program focuses on product eligibility, creating and uploading video assets, creating campaigns, and optimizing performance.

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