Stagwell Unveils Harris Quest 'Research-As-A-Service' Tool Suite

Stagwell market research and insights units Harris and Maru (acquired last year) have integrated core elements of their research tools under a new go-to-market brand called Harris Quest. It effectively succeeds the Harris Brand Platform within the Stagwell Marketing Cloud.   

Harris Quest offers a suite of AI-driven products designed to provide brands with self-serve polling and other “research-as-a-service" solutions.  



The rebranding comes as the Harris Brand Platform has hit the 150th subscriber mark and is operational in 13 countries.   

Current products include:  

  • QuestBrand: Rreal-time brand tracking   

  • QuestDIY: Self-service quantitative surveys  

  • QuestPRO: Survey and insights tools  

  • QuestCX: Customer experience management solutions  

  • Quest IC: Insight community management   

  • QuestAI: Digital qualitative and quantitative insights tool   

The company said work is ongoing to make the Harris Quest suite fully interoperable with other Stagwell Marketing Cloud software.   

The Harris Poll is a leader in global public opinion with overnight polling and real-time brand tracking software. It monitors more than 2,000 brands and collects half a million interviews yearly.   

The tools are designed to provide marketers enterprise-grade research “at a fraction of the cost,” said Harris Quest co-CEO Will Johnson. “This means faster insights and decision-making and more ways to keep pace with the marketplace.” 

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