A Free Market Solution To A Weapon Of Mass Destruction

One of the interesting things about being Jewish is that I even am.

In most other cultures, I would only be considered half of whatever it is.

And while I’m of Italian Catholic descent from my father’s side, my mother was Jewish, which makes me irrevocably 100% Jewish, even if I don’t identify with it religiously.

It’s even more complicated than that -- because being Jewish is not just a religion, but a race, an ethnicity, and according to many, a nationality.

Whatever you want to call it, I do identify as being a Jew, so when a troll began questioning my heritage on social media – implying I’m a “Democrat” (I’m not) and associating me with an image of a protester brandishing a sign reading “Zionism is the New Nazism,” (see above) I reported it as hate speech to the platform the troll was spreading it on -- X.



“Hello, we’re writing to let you know that after viewing the available information, we didn’t find a violation of our rules in the content you reported,” read the response I got almost immediately -- from Twitter, not X -- which I’m guessing means nobody actually reviewed it or attempted to do anything about it. And @PatrickSquarep6 can go on defaming my character and Jewish heritage, because Twitter -- or X -- has zero liability and because Elon Musk’s pay-to-say whatever you want to whomever your want -- and get a share of the ad revenues when you do – business model.

"We know we don't always get it right. So if you think we made a mistake, you can click this link and provide any additional information you have about this content. Thanks, Twitter," X's auto response continued.

I tried clicking on the links, but -- no surprise -- it didn't work.

Since I can’t get X to set the record straight, I hope you won’t mind if I use a “Red, White & Blog” column to do so.

As an American Jew, I 100% support Israel’s right to exist and its right to defend itself.

I consider Hamas a terrorist organization that kills Jews and needs to be eradicated.

I sympathize with the plight of the Palestinian people and believe the policies of Netanyahu’s hawkish, right-wing government have been inhumanely oppressing them and that needs to change.

I know that last part isn’t popular to say in the aftermath of Israel’s equivalent of 9/11, but just like I didn’t support the policies of the Bush/Cheney Administration in the aftermath of our 9/11, I don’t support the policies of the current Israeli government.

And in the same way that Al-Qaeda provoked an irrational overkill American response to our 9/11, I think Hamas is getting Israel to do exactly what it wants -- to lash out indiscriminately and squander the support people have for Israel, and ultimately, for Jewish people overall. Did I mention that Hamas' stated goal is to kill Jews?

We’ve all watched as public expressions of anti-Semitism, as well as increased violence against Jews, have gathered steam in the U.S. and worldwide, from Charlottesville to the Tree of Life Synagogue, to rampant hate speech against Jews being expressed freely and without limits on some social-media platforms.

And if the “fog of war” coverage of the past couple of weeks is any indication, the mainstream news media need to do a better job of reporting facts, not misinformation and false narratives.

In the immediate aftermath of America’s 9/11 and many times since then, I have used the analogy of using America’s own free-market industries as weapons of mass destruction against us.

On September 11, 2001, it was our commercial airline industry.

Ever since then, it has been our commercial media industry.

So if you’re among the advertisers still supporting X -- or to a lesser extent Meta -- I’m asking you to step up and do what you can to keep an unregulated part of the media industry from being used as a weapon of mass destruction in a modern-day holocaust.

Because if you don't, this time it will have been funded by you.

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  1. Thomas Siebert from BENEVOLENT PROPAGANDA, October 23, 2023 at 12:26 p.m.

    But who watches the Watchmen? Look at, say, NewsGuard, the alleged preferred "fact-checker" for corporate media and government.

    NewsGuard has still not offered a retraction or apology regarding its incorrect position on the veracity of the Hunter Biden laptop, when it deemed it Russian disinfo fer shure, 100%, leading to multiple social media accounts and newsites being blacklisted. Its intractable position was primarily based on the lies of multiple intelligence operatives, strongly suggesting NewsGuard is an intelligence operation itself designed to snuff independent reporting.

    There's further evidence of NewsGuard as an intelligence front to undermine indie media. Its  Board members include:

    > Former head of CIA -and- NSA, Get. Michael Hayden
    > Former head of DHS Tom Ridge
    > Former head of NATO, Anders Fogh Rasmussen
    > Longtime D.C. intel vet Richard Stengel

    NewsGuard was also a key factor in the disastrous promotion of multiple mis/disinformation Narratives around the Covid pandemic, origin, masking, lockdowns and mRNA chemical injections, a couple of which it has been forced to offer reluctant retractions in the face of legal threats, but not all.

    Perhaps today's announced lawsuit from the non-profit news organization The Consortium for Independent Journalism vs. NewsGuard for "contracting with the Pentagon’s Cyber Command, an element of the Intelligence Community, to identify, report and abridge the speech of American media organizations that dissent from U.S. official positions on foreign policy," will alter that situation some more. 

    NewsGuard has got a great deal of blood on their hands, yet they are still claimed as the preferred filter/funnel for "responsible" news sites, even as a new Gallup poll 2 days back shows 39% of Americans "Do not trust corporate media at all," the highest figure ever, while 32% of Americans claim confidence in media’s ability to report the news fairly & accurately, the lowest ever. 

    That ain't Twitter's fault. These wounds are self-inflicted, a seppuku sacrifice on the false religionists' alter of globalism. People can go looking for scapegoats, but the killer's inside the house; the longer legit journalists ignore that, the more likely they end up a victim as much as the American people. If it's not already too late. It might be. 

  2. J W from Unknown Universe, October 23, 2023 at 1:34 p.m.

    I don't know why everyone keeps targeting X, check out EVERY social media site - they all have this crap on them. If you dig deep enought you'll find it. You're discrimating X because you don't agree with the owner's political views. Perhaps you should take a look in the mirror. 

  3. M Gingrich from GI, October 24, 2023 at 10 a.m.

    Obviously what happened in your story is abhorrent and no one should be bullied, ever. But on the positive front, X has introduced Community Notes which helps call out the B.S. that users and even the press put out. Not the Bee had a great example yesterday of Nobel Prize winner Paul Krugman eliminating FACTS to arrive at the outcome that fits the narrative. He was called out in the Community Notes.

    These problems will never be solved: hate, greed, stupidity. Unlinke many other social platforms I think X is /trying/ to be the people's voice (as much as it can). So block that a-hole, use your resources (such as this) to continue to shine a light on bad business and bad actors (and humans) like @PatrickSquarep6.

  4. Kevin McCollum from None, October 24, 2023 at 10:18 p.m.

    The only way this changes is remove anonymity.  No more @PatrickSquarep6.  Full name and street address next to every post.
    Force the platforms to validate addresses with the credit reporting agencies every quarter with no PO boxes allowed.

    You will watch what you say if you know everyone knows it is you that is saying it.

    Anonymous speech is not free speech.

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