'Newsweek' Unveils Fairness Meter For Sharing Views Of Political Shading In Stories

Newsweek readers are now able to rate political bias in editorial content. 

The news organization has unveiled the Newsweek Fairness Meter, a tool through which readers can share the perceived political leaning of articles. 

The goal is to maintain “a high standard of integrity, transparency, and accountability,” says Nancy Cooper, editor in chief at Newsweek.

The feature is now being rolled out on selected articles. 

There are five basic measures:

  • Unfair Left Learning
  • Mostly Fair Left Leaning
  • Fair (meaning that the article presents a non-partisan perspective on the issue, and includes opposing views)
  • Mostly Fair Right Leaning
  • Unfair Right Leaning 

Cooper adds that the Fairness Meter reflects a commitment to providing “balanced reporting and ensuring our readers have access to multiple perspectives.” 

Newsweek says it reaches 100 million people per month. 




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