Subaru Partners With Tesla For Charging System

Subaru of America’s parent company Subaru Corp. has reached an agreement with Tesla to adopt its charging port system.

Subaru joins a long list of other automakers who have announced partnerships this year with Tesla.

To provide customers with access to the extensive Tesla charging network, Subaru will adopt NACS ports on certain Subaru BEVs launched in North America beginning in 2025 and say it will continue to advance NACS adoption for its subsequent BEVs to be launched after that.

Additionally, Subaru plans to provide access to an adapter enabling NACS charging from 2025 for customers owning or leasing applicable Subaru BEVs equipped with the Combined Charging System (CCS). 



Customers of NACS-compatible Subaru BEVs will gain access to more than 15,000 Tesla Superchargers across North America, significantly enhancing charging convenience.

Under the new management structure established in June 2023, Subaru has announced a goal of “aiming for 50% of total global sales to be BEVs in 2030” (about 600,000 EVs per year ) to contribute to achieving carbon neutrality.

Subaru says it plans to electrify 100% of its vehicles by the first half of the 2030s.

The 2023 Subaru Solterra is currently the automaker’s only all-electric vehicle. It offers traditional SUV capabilities in an environmentally responsible package, with an estimated range of more than 220 miles per charge.

As part of the commitment to help with achieving the 1.5°C global warming limit target set in the 2015 Paris Agreement, Subaru Corp. has set long-term global goals for a carbon-free society. 

The automaker’s global goal for 2050 is to reduce average CO2 emissions from new passenger vehicles by at least 90%, measured against the benchmark year of 2010. 

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