'Wired' Is Launching Politics Vertical To Counter 2024 Election Disinformation

Conde Nast’s Wired is launching a new politics vertical that will focus on mis/disinformation and cover policy/lobbying, online campaign tactics, and other topics as the 2024 election approaches.

The vertical is set to appear on the Wired website in the weeks to come.  

There have been two hires for the new product: Leah Feiger and William Turton.

Feiger was named politics editor of Wired, effective November 13; she previously worked for Vice News. Turton has joined as senior writer whose assignment includes the intersection of digital ecosystems and political campaigns; he worked previously at Bloomberg News.

David Gilbert, who came on board in September, will cover online extremism and mis/disinformation spreading on social media platforms.  

This team will report to Meg Marco, executive editor of news. 



Katie Drummond, who joined Wired as global editorial director in August, wrote in a note to staff, “2024 will be a pivotal election year across the globe: From Russia to India to the United States, it’s hard to overstate how consequential the coming 12 months will be for major geopolitical players – and how deeply ingrained technology will be in everything from how campaigns are executed, to how information is (or is not) accurately disseminated, to how votes are cast and leaders are installed.” 

Drummond added that Wired must "guide and explain the upcoming election year to our global audiences across core Wired coverage areas, and we must break news and break new ground amid what will undoubtedly be the most purely digital, and psychologically manipulative, election season yet. From the implications of generative AI to the inevitability of hacks, intrusions, and online manipulation, there is much vital ground for Wired to cover, and to own, where technology and politics collide.” 


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