Cardi B, Patti LaBelle Offer Sweet 'Hug' For The Holidays

Cardi B and Patti LaBelle are making a new kind of music: a festive treat.

They have joined together in a campaign to promote Whipshots, the vodka-infused whipped cream by Cardi B, and Patti's Good Life, LaBelle's food line.

The agency behind the work is Cream Labs. The social media campaign "The Hug" will run across Instagram, X and Facebook.

The campaign, which highlights their affection for each other and good times, features seven sitcom-style episodes with creative dessert combinations.

Limited-edition Whipshots flavors, such as peppermint, pumpkin, vanilla and caramel, complement the signature Good Life pies: peach cobbler, sweet potato, buttermilk and blackberry cobbler.

David Dreyer, chief marketing officer of Starco Brands, said:“Bringing these two icons, and their amazing products, together just makes sense, especially during the holiday season. Two Grammy Award winners, one new holiday tradition.”



Whipshots and Patti’s Good Life products are both available at Walmart, among national retail outlets.

Whipshots, which is owned by Starco Brands, launched in December 2021. The company reports sales surpassing 4 million cans since then.

Patti's Good Life is owned by LaBelle and her son. Forbes reported it generated $200 million in 2022 sales.

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