Festival Foods Gives 'Help' A Personal Touch

Festival Foods’ new campaign “Happy to Help” posits its associates as going above-and-beyond — in store and out.

The integrated TV, social and radio campaign for the Wisconsin-based retailer, with 41 stores statewide, is by Marcus Thomas.

Two spots highlight Festival Foods commitment to the public.

In Jogger, a staff takes a 3-mile detour to guide a driver to the post office, while Balloon Rescue has a store associate rescue a youngster’s balloon as it floats up a fire escape. The same worker later offers another child a free sample in the grocery store. Helping others is a company byword.

The message: “Whatever you’re looking for, we’ll take you right to it.”



“It was clear to us that their helpful associates are truly a different kind,” said Stephanie Burris, executive creative director at Marcus Thomas. “Not only do they provide exceptional service, but they genuinely enjoy going out of their way to make their guests’ day. In a world full of self-service checkouts and contactless everything, Festival’s guest service and their commitment to their communities truly stand out.”


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