StrawberryFrog, Dynata Find Widespread Worker Unfulfillment

New research from New York agency StrawberryFrog and Dynata reveals a majority of U.S. employees feel unfulfilled in their current jobs, and most don’t believe their senior leadership is aware of the problem. The research is based on a survey with a nationally representative sample of U.S. workers conducted earlier this fall. 

The results in the new "WorkShift" study indicates three out of four workers are either unfulfilled, checked out or fed up.  

And only 26% of those surveyed agree their senior leadership understands what motivates them to leave or stay, or what makes them engaged and productive. By contrast, the study found most senior leaders believe they do understand what motivates employees.  



StrawberryFrog Head of Strategy, Chip Walker says, “In our research we learned that many of these disaffected employees stay only to avoid the hassles of searching for another position. They’re essentially sleepwalking through their jobs. Meanwhile, top executives are operating within what we’re calling a ‘Thriving Bubble,’ where senior leadership feels fulfilled and believes their organization offers clear purpose and direction—a sentiment at odds with their checked out and fed up workforce.”  

The study found that a sense of meaning and purpose was the strongest predictor of employee loyalty—more than quality of daily experience, benefits or even pay. The research showed the pandemic was a primary driver in this fundamental reassessment of work, leading to a deep desire for more fulfilling daily routines among employees.   

The study also addresses:   

      The overall mood of U.S. workers 

      The 4 Workers Mindsets for 2023-24 

      Emerging drivers of employee retention 

      Why meaning matters most to workers 

      Barriers to more meaningful work 

      Implications for company leaders   

“What we ultimately discovered,” says StrawberryFrog Founder and CEO, Scott Goodson, “is that more meaningful motivators—things like purpose, belonging and personal growth—are what employees desire most in the post-pandemic era.”  

A webinar recapping the findings can be accessed here and the full report can be found here.   

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