'The Guardian' Launches Print Bookazine

The Guardian is repackaging some of its long-form stories into a bookazine. 

The Guardian Long Read Magazine will collect some of the publication’s best long stories into a print product that is sold on UK newsstands, Nieman Lab reports. The first issue appeared on Nov. 11. 

It wasn’t known at deadline if the format will be extended to the U.S.  

The first issue’s cover headlines include: 

  • A funeral for fish and chips shops
  • The war on knotweed
  • Three abandoned kids, 40 years on 
  • My lament for a lost Khartoum
  • King of condoms

“We know that for many people, myself included, when it comes to long, immersive pieces, reading in print – without the distraction of your phone, or emails and notifications pinging in – is still the most satisfying reading experience, and one that should be cherished in a climate so saturated by disturbance,” says Chris Clarke, creative director-editorial, according to Its Nice That. 

Clarke adds, “With most of these more evergreen stories taking months or even years to build, hardy print felt the best way for them to live.”




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