Peter Kafka Named Chief Correspondent Of 'Business Insider'

Peter Kafka has rejoined Business Insider as chief correspondent.  

Kafka was the first hire at Silicon Alley Insider, Business Insider’s predecessor, in 2007. 

He will cover such topics as streaming wars, tech battles, and the transformation of media, Business Insider says. 

Following his stint at Sillicon Valley Insider, Kafka served at Vox, where he hosted the Recode Media podcast. He has also worked at Forbes during his career.  

"Back in the summer of 2007, Peter told me to come work for SAI – which eventually became Business Insider,” says Nicholas Carlson, global editor in chief of Business Insider.  

Carlson adds, “By the time I did, he was off to other things. For years, people told me the site was great – but where did Peter go? Well…we finally got him back, and I couldn't be more thrilled!"





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