Mobile Feast: Phone Dominated Thanksgiving Traffic

Holiday sales took at least a slight leap on Thanksgiving, according to Salesforce.  

There was a 4% increase in online traffic globally and 6% in the U.S., and 1% increase in sales YoY, most of it on mobile phones, with Black Friday only now getting underway. 

The findings are based on global shopping data on more than 1.5 billion consumers worldwide. Salesforce reports that 1.34 billion emails were sent on Thanksgiving Day.

Thanksgiving sales were driven by discount rates of up to 28% in the U.S. and 26% globally. Discounts grew toward Thanksgiving after a lackluster start earlier in the season. 

Online sales hit $31.7 billion -- a $7.5 billion increase YoY. There was an average order value of $103 globally, a 2% increase YoY, and $119 in the U.S., a 1% hike.



The biggest product growth on Thanksgiving was in general footwear — 15% globally and 11% in the U.S. 

Worldwide, health & beauty (skincare, makeup, haircare & health) grew by 14% and 6% in the U.S. General handbag sales rose by 13% throughout the globe and 11% in the U.S.

Mobile comprised 79% of all online traffic worldwide, and 82% in the U.S. And there was a 44% in mobile wallet use, Apple Pay largely driving this with a 47% rise.  

In addition, there was a 39% hike in messages sent through Push, SMS, and OTT combined and 7% for traditional email.

Social drove 13% of all mobile traffic referrals globally. People who visited a site via social were 22% more likely to land on a product detail page than those who came in through email or search.  

“Mobile traffic and sales are soaring as people are on the go once again this holiday weekend,” says Rob Garf, vice president and general manager, retail for Salesforce. “Consumers are embracing mobile wallets to break down friction between discovering on social and purchasing on mobile.”

“Retailers have stepped up their discount game and we anticipate even better deals on Black Friday. Consumers who have been playing discount chicken should consider clicking the buy button now as retailers have decreased inventory levels to preserve capital and increase margins,” Garf adds.

Meanwhile, Sinch reports that almost 1 billion emails were sent to shoppers heading into Black Friday on its own platform.  

On Thanksgiving night, 675,000 emails were sent to shoppers. Overall, 876.6 million emails were sent, resulting in 189.6 million opens and 5.8 million total clicks. 

Mobile traffic constituted 79% of all online traffic worldwide and 82% in the U.S.

(This story was updated).


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