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Cheez-It Partners With Nails Inc. To Offer Snack-Inspired Manicures


You can now paint your nails to match the crumbs on your fingers after eating Cheez-Its.

That’s thanks to a partnership with Nails Inc. as part of the Kellanova brand’s campaign for the Citrus Bowl. Cheez-It is offering orange and red hues entitled “Orange You Feelin’ the Cheeziest” and “Flexin’ in the Red Zone” for sale, beginning Dec. 29.

The initiative is just one way the Citrus Bowl sponsor is celebrating fans who are “Feelin’ the Cheeziest” as part of a broader campaign around the event celebrating fans willing to demonstrate their brand love in unique ways.

Fans at the Citrus Bowl in Orlando on Jan. 1 will have a chance to gain access to the brand’s Cheez-It Flexin’ Section – an on-field “barbershop and spa-inspired experience” offering to transform participants with “the cheeziest superfan makeovers,” including orange hair dye, cheese-scented massages,and “mani-cheddiz” featuring the Nails Inc. collaboration hues, as well as a chance to watch the game from the Cheez-It on-field hot tub (which we really hope is not filled with cheese of any kind).



Other in-stadium activations include exclusive Loaded Chili Cheez-It Crunch Dog and Mac & Cheez-It Walking Nachos menu items at concession stands during the game.

Those watching from home can enter the Cheez-It Fan Flex Challenge, in progress now through Jan. 1, where fans who post their tCheez-It inspired game day look  on TikTok have the chance to win an "absurd amount of Cheez-It snacking fuel" for their upcoming watch parties.

The campaign marks the brand’s second consecutive campaign featuring the college football event, "elevating game day excitement and celebrating the absurdly obsessed fans of all things football, from the game to the food," Cara Tragselier, senior brand director for Cheez-It, explained in a statement.

Going back to that Cheez-it nail polish: This kind of  marketing has been a surprisingly hot trend lately. The Cheez-It hues follow another collaboration between Nails Inc. and hard seltzer brand White Claw this fall to create hues matching their flavors. This summer, Nails Inc. rival OPI got in on the cross-branded “Barbie” bonanza with a line of shades inspired by the Greta Gerwig-directed Warner Bros. film about the Mattel icon.

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