Molson Coors Blends Beer, Whiskey Flavors For Double Barrel Red Ale


Molson Coors-owned Terrapin Beer Co. released a barrel-aged beer in collaboration with Five Trail Whiskey, the blended American whiskey brand launched by a couple of years ago that is part of its Coors Spirits Co. division.

Double Barrel Red Ale is a 12.5% ABV Imperial Red Ale which was both aged in Five Trail barrels and shared the same grain bill (the mix of different grains in the brewing process from which the resulting beer or whiskey is derived). Following the fermentation process, the beer was aged in “freshly emptied” Five Trail whiskey barrels for five months to impart complex flavors, including notes of oak which Molson Coors’ Beer & Beyond blog describes as resulting in “a beer perfect for pairing with rich holiday meals.”

In the blog, Terrapin President Dustin Watts described the resulting beer as having a bold flavor profile of dark cherry and hints of vanilla, which he called “unlike any barrel-aged beer we’ve created before.”



Barrel-aged beers' typically higher ABV content and accompanying inflated prices  have made them a premium mainstay for craft breweries (particularly during the colder months), but the release is a bit of an outlier in this market. Unlike nearly every other barrel-aged brew you’d find on stores shelves, it’s not a stout or barleywine, an attribute novelty-chasing craft beer enthusiasts are likely to find enticing.

The distinct beer, which is currently available in retail locations across Georgia and Wisconsin, also gives Terrapin and Molson Coors a way to attract drinkers who might otherwise be drawn to whiskey or other spirits at this time of year.

“Typically, people are going into liquor stores and looking for spirits and wine, so this is a unique way to also bring beer sales to life during the holiday season,” Watts told Beer & Beyond.

The collaboration hints at the type of cross-brand synergy and premiumization strategy Molson Coors can use with its expansion beyond beer. Back in August, the company expanded its portfolio in this area with the acquisition of premium whiskey maker Blue Run Spirits. Molson Coors also introduced its own Barmen 1873 Kentucky Bourbon this year.
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