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HelloFresh, Keke Palmer 'Level Up Mealtime' With Healthy Options

Meal kit company HelloFresh unveiled a partnership with actress and singer Keke Palmer featuring a campaign designed to entice consumers pursuing healthy eating goals for the new year.

“Keke was already a fan of our brand, so it was a natural fit for us to partner with her for this campaign that is focused around the enjoyment and ease of home cooking with HelloFresh,” Marcus von Franck, HelloFresh North America CMO told Marketing Daily. He also cited existing fan affinity for the star, with her relatability as a busy mom who still wants to cook healthy meals.

The campaign features a series of ads in which Palmer pops up unexpectedly, clad in an on-brand lime green outfit, to help “level up mealtime” by swapping out bland cooking or takeout for a better HelloFresh option.



Each ad ends by promoting the brand’s “free breakfast for life” promotion, offering one free breakfast item per box as long as the subscription remains active. The promotion is also a more central focus in one ad, which finds a woman waking up surprised to find Palmer in bed beside her to inform her of HelloFresh’s breakfast bounty.

The campaign is running across a variety of channels, including TV, radio, streaming video, social media, and OOH.

Arriving ahead of the new year, when consumers are committing to healthier habits, was a strategic decision, von Franck explained. “We are targeting consumers who don't always have time for meal planning and grocery shopping. We want these consumers to know they can rely on HelloFresh to consistently deliver a delicious, easy, and enjoyable cooking experience.”

Von Franck hinted that the campaign was “just the beginning” for HelloFresh’s marketing in 2024. While he declined to give any further details, he said the brand would continue to look for ways to reach consumers in relevant and distinctive ways.

The campaign follows one promoting a decidedly unhealthy indulgence from HelloFresh, expanding on its Buddy the Elf Spaghetti Meal Kit offering with additional Buddy meals.<

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