Helper Emails: Transactional Messages Are Doing The Real Work

Promotional messaging is the glamour job in email marketing. But it might be argued that the real work is being done by transactional emails — sales confirmations, reminders, password resets. 

Fail at any of these backroom functions and you will certainly lose customers. 

Maileroo has put out an announcement proclaiming its transactional email skills. And while there do not seem to be any specific new products, it does shed light on this critical area.

Brands need “better transactional campaigns with lightning-fast delivery speed, email verification for cleaner mailing lists, and robust analytics that help businesses make smarter decisions and maximize their email marketing dollars,” says Areeb Majeed, Maileroo CEO. 

Please don’t mistake this for an endorsement. But Maileroo offers tracking capabilities that it says can help brands troubleshoot when there are issues. It also provides a verification process and promises speedy delivery.



As with marketing emails, transactional emails require careful attention to best practices. Case in point: of the marketers recently surveyed by Mailgun by Sinch, 42.1% have separate domains or sending-IP addresses for transactional and marketing emails. 

Companies that send more than 1 million are most likely to have separate domains — 64.5% do. So do 60.6% of those that send 100,000 to 1 million.

Their delivery rates? They report:

  • 95% or more — 47.1%
  • 855 to 94% — 19.3% 
  • 75% to 84% — 7.5%
  • Less than 75% — 5%
  • Unsure — 20.2% 

Maileroo, far from relegating transactional emails to second place, puts them out front. Brands ignore this area at their own risk. 

“Transactional email marketing is an essential part of any brand’s growth as they seek to engage with audiences and drive one-to-one communication experiences,” Majeed adds. “And with today’s consumers expecting quick, personalized email experiences, even in transactional emails, it’s essential to measure the effectiveness of those campaigns.”


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