Blue Moon's 'Dry-Back January" Promotes New Non-Alc Brew

It’s easy to make resolutions and set out with enthusiasm. it’s a lot harder to maintain those commitments, and giving up alcohol for Dry January is no exception.

Today, Molson Coors debuted a campaign for its Blue Moon Non-Alcoholic Belgian White -- which debuted last month -- unsurprisingly tied to the annual Dry January phenomenon which sees drinkers following the excesses of the holiday season by abstaining from alcohol during the first month of the year.

The campaign kicks off on Jan. 12, this year’s date for “Quitters Day” -- an annual event dedicated to providing a chance to “restart” on resolutions.

For every six pack of Blue Moon Non-Alcoholic Belgian White that consumers purchase from Jan. 12 through the end of the month, Molson Coors is providing a $12 rebate that can be used for a six pack of anything in the Blue Moon brand portfolio next month by submitting a qualifying receipt by Feb. 7. Additionally, since it views any Blue Moon as incomplete without the requisite orange garnish, the brand will also cover those costs for customers as well, offering a rebate of up to five dollars.



Molson Coors Senior Director of Above Premium Beer Mara Schaefer told Marketing Daily the idea behind “Dry-Back January” emerged shortly after Blue Moon teased the release of Non-Alcoholic Belgian White Belgian-Style Wheat Ale in late 2023, since “the Blue Moon Non-Alcoholic brew was going to be on shelves towards the end of 2023, ahead of Dry January to help motivate 21+ consumers to either try Dry January for the first time or continue their Dry January traditions with ease.

“Blue Moon Non-Alcoholic brew is the brand’s answer to the growing demand for non-alcoholic brews with great taste,” she added. “Dry January has continued to grow in popularity over the years, making it a perfect time to release Blue Moon Non-Alcoholic knowing that it is when more consumers are looking for an NA option.”

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