Disney Adds Measurement Partners, Debuts Shoppable Ads

Disney has launched a beta program for its first native, streaming shoppable ad format that allows consumers to purchase their favorite items online through content.

The new Gateway Shop ads are interactive and run on platforms such as Hulu. The shopping experience allows viewers to receive personalized prompts for products sent directly to their phones through push notifications or email.

Advertisers can personalize the actionable ad units with the ability to shift from one screen to a second screen. The idea  intends to drive awareness and conversions without disrupting or interrupting the viewer's experience.

Data and ecommerce have become a major focus for Disney, partly driven by technology. Unilever, the consumer packaged goods (CPG) company, has joined Disney as part of the limited beta for Gateway Shop.

The goal behind all this technology and data is to reimagine the world of advertisers, in the same way that the company did with entertainment. Last year it invested much more in technology compared with prior years, said Bob Iger, Disney CEO, on Wednesday during its annual technology and data showcase at CES.



Along with the new ad units, Disney will offer advertisers two new measurement and attribution services through partners.

The two measurement and analytics platforms -- one from Lucid Technology, and another from Innovid -- will support Disney advertisers through real-time dashboards. The first one supports top-of-the-funnel ad measurement, and the other supports lower-funnel measurement to track in-flight campaign performance. 

In a beta with Innovid's technology, advertisers can learn in real-time if the creative being used resonates with viewers. The measurement draws on attribution signals that are tied to the campaign's creative. 

Lucid a full-service marketing agency and one of Disney's new metrics and measurement partners, conducted a survey in 2023, which shows that 75% of viewers agree they would rather see an interactive TV ad than a standard commercial -- particularly when consumers can find out more information about a product or redeem a special discount or offer.

While Disney powers dynamic advertising experiences that connect consumer interest and intent to the purchase from streaming media, it also has enabled consumers to shop the stream, which enables viewers to buy products they see in streaming videos. 

During the next few months, Disney will continue to improve on its interactive formats and commerce experiences in streaming media, including the ability to send personalized emails and prompts for push notifications for products or offers in TV ad units.

GatewayGo, the company’s first iteration of a commerce-enabled ad format, tapped into the second screen to deliver viewers personalized offers or promotions from mobile devices via email, push notification, or QR code.

Since its launch in 2020, more than 200 advertisers across all categories have signed on to use this transactional format.

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