Real Estate Platform Opendoor Going Live For The Super Bowl

For its first-time Super Bowl appearance digital real estate platform Opendoor announced today it will go live, showcasing real homeowners in real-time getting an offer on their home in only 15 minutes.   

Agency Mischief @No Fixed Address is working with the company on the effort, having won the company’s creative agency account in November.  



With two in-game spots and a half-time live stream, the firm will demonstrate how quickly it can assess a home and make a homeowner an offer to purchase. 

According to the agency, the effort will feature real homeowners in Atlanta showcasing their house via Opendoor’s Virtual Assessment platform, which removes the need for in-person tours.  

The set up includes a 30-second spot in the second quarter, followed by a livestream home tour during halftime on the Opendoor website. The results and reaction will follow in a 30-second third quarter spot. 

The main idea: your home can be noisy, messy and otherwise chaotic, but with Opendoor’s streamlined assessment process the company can make you an offer in about the time it takes to perform in the Super Bowl Half-Time show.  

“We focused on Atlanta because research told us it’s among one of America’s toughest housing markets when it comes to selling,” said Kevin Mulroy, ECD & partner at Mischief @ No Fixed Address. “We’ll have teams on the ground there ready to go live the moment Super Bowl halftime hits. For the first time in history, we’ll witness someone selling their house, not just in real time, but in a really, really short amount of time.”  

Added David Corns, chief marketing officer of Opendoor: “This spot isn’t just about making history. It’s a testament to the simplicity and certainty we bring to real estate. Even in the midst of the Big Game excitement, homeowners can easily sell their homes so they can focus on what’s next in life.”  

Teasers for the ad can be seen here and here. 


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