Keep It Sweet, Spicy And Thin, Pizza Hut Says

Spicy, sweet toppings and hot flavors will continue as a trend for pizza, according to a new study recently commissioned by Pizza Hut and announced last week.

The random, double-opt-in pizza survey of 5,000 American adults was conducted by market-research company OnePoll between Dec. 22 and Jan. 5.

The survey found that on average, individuals eat pizza three times a month, with preferences in crust highest for thin crust (28%), stuffed crust (20%) and thick crust (14%).

Respondents also leaned toward savory (52%), hearty (34%) and spicy (27%) flavor profiles.

The chain also cited results from market research firm Datassential finding that “Sweet and spicy pairings on menus are up 38% in the last year, and hot honey is projected to outpace nearly all other culinary and beverage flavors by 2027.”



In response to the findings, Pizza Hut is introducing several “hot honey” limited time only offers beginning Feb 1.

The Hot Honey Pizza is topped with marinara sauce, cheese, pepperoni, crispy cupped pepperoni and a sweet sauce infused with red habaneros and honey. Hot Honey Wings will be available in traditional bone-in or boneless, coated in sweet heat flavors.

"Our commitment to modernizing flavors is at the forefront of our brand identity,” says Rachel Antalek, Pizza Hut's new chief food Innovation officer. “We lead trends and go bigger on flavor. This bold innovation not only elevates our pizza experience but also opens up exciting opportunities to showcase our wings.”

Among other findings, a significant percentage (31%) of those surveyed said they plan to eat more pizza in 2024, with Fridays (47%) the most popular day for orders. A whopping 74% indulge in cold leftover pizza, and 23% frequently pair wings with their pizza orders.

Respondents also shared that they would be willing to try several unusual fruit and vegetable toppings on their pizza outside their usual order, such as pineapple (44%), chili peppers (21%), artichokes (16%), potatoes (15%) and even pickles (14%).

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