Meta Expands Automated Targeting To All Campaign Objectives, Optimizations

Days after CEO Mark Zuckerberg highlighted Meta’s increased investment in generative artificial intelligence (GAI), the tech giant is announcing the expansion of its automated “Advantage” targeting to all campaign objectives and optimizations via Meta’s Marketing API.

“As of January 23rd, campaigns that are optimized for Impressions, Video views, Reach, Engagement or ad recall lift will now have the option to opt-in to Advantage detailed targeting,” the company wrote in a blog post. “Campaigns that are optimized for Leads will have Advantage detailed targeting automatically applied with the option to opt-out, while campaigns that are optimized for Link clicks or Landing page views will have Advantage detailed targeting automatically applied with no option to opt-out.”



The update is part of Meta’s Marketing API v.19 update. Developers have already begun implementing code changes and will have until April 22, 2024 to finalize their work, the company says. 

Advantage detailed targeting is included in Meta’s Advantage product suite, which leverages automation and machine-learning technology to help improve campaign performance through the proposed ability to reach a broader range of people than would be possible with an advertiser’s initial detailed targeting selections.

This update is Meta’s latest attempt at pushing more advertisers to experiment with its automated systems.

In December, Meta made significant efforts to prep marketers for what the company referred to as the world’s “first AI-powered holiday season,” while launching automated budget scheduling and mid multipliers for campaign enhancement. 

Meta’s integration of new artificial intelligence (AI) tools also marks an attempt at rebound its ad revenue from a rut caused by stricter data regulations, its continuous metaverse spend, and Apple’s privacy software updates, which gave users the option to opt out of being tracked by Meta and resulted in a $10 billion annual loss in ad revenue. 

By building out its AI-powered targeting system over the past two years, the company has come closer to shedding the need for manual targeting altogether.

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