Hot Wing Sauce In A Glass? Truly Gives Hard Seltzer Spicy Kick


Few would argue that wings are the unofficial food of the Super Bowl. And while beer has historically been the beverage associated with the event, hard seltzer is making a play for its place at Big Game parties, with one brand now leveraging fans’ love of wings in a new way.

Truly Hard Seltzer unveiled its limited-edition Truly Hot Wing Sauce Hard Seltzer release in time for fans to stock up for game day watch parties – and, not incidentally, stoke conversations on social media about the unusual flavor in the days leading up to the game.

 “We’ve kicked things up a notch with this flavor exploration inspired by the flavor lab at Truly L.A.,” Truly Senior Director of Marketing Matt Withington said in a statement, calling the flavor a “fun and playful combination.”



The Boston Beer Company-owned brand’s Hot Wing Sauce Hard Seltzer will be released in four-packs of 16-ounce cans beginning Jan. 29, but the brand emphasized it’s a limited release and only available in select stores.

Fans in the Los Angeles area will also be able to try the spicy sparkling beverage at the Truly L.A. location alluded to by Withington, which also serves a number of specialty flavors, like Lemon Lavender Juniper Fizz.

Those looking for something to chase the beverage with may want to consider another unlikely pairing: Burt’s Bees lip balm collaboration with Hidden Valley Ranch.

The hot sauce release arrives amid parent Boston Beer Company’s ongoing efforts to rejuvenate the Truly brand, which included packaging changes and rebranding Truly Vodka Seltzer as Truly Vodka Soda last year.

"We plan to continue to invest behind the Twisted Tea and Truly brands while also nurturing innovation across Beyond Beer categories to drive long-term growth,” Boston Beer Co. President and CEO Dave Burwick said in a statement accompanying a Q3 earnings report last October.

In the report call, he noted the brand’s dollar sales declined by 26% YOY for the quarter, which marked an improvement from the previous quarter’s 31% decline. He also alluded to new product innovations and recipe reformations for early 2024, calling “improving Truly’s trajectory” a top priority for the year.

“We believe these innovations, along with the national launch of Truly Tequila Soda ahead of the peak summer season, will better position the Truly brand offering and set it up well for improved trends in 2024 and beyond,” he said in the call.

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