'Sports Illustrated' Pulls Story on Transgender Boxing

Sports Illustrated, which seemed to be on life support only a few days ago, is involved in a new controversy. 

In an unusual move, the magazine removed a story on transgender boxing from its March issues, the Washington Post reports. ‘ 

The story reportedly was ordered pulled by Orestes Baez, an Arena Group executive who is serving as de facto general manager of Sports Illustrated.

The story explored  USA Boxing’s new transgender policy and the backlash it has provoked, the Post continues.   

The policy requires that transgender boxers have received genital-reassignment surgery and hormone testing before they can compete. 

The story, which was no longer considered newsy, will appear online, the Post continues. 

The political import of this is not yet clear. 



Authentic Brands Group, which owns Sports Illustrated, revoked The Arena Group’s right to publish SI after the latter had missed a $3.75 million payment last month. 

The two firms are attempting to negotiate a new license that could prevent the layoff of almost the entire staff, the Post reports.  

Last week, The NewsGuild of New York filed an unfair labor practice charge against the brand’s owner, the Arena Group, accusing the company of firing employees who supported the union.  

On January 19, all members of the SI union were told they would be laid off because Authentic Brands Group had revoked Arena’s license to publish the title, the union states. 


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