Pluto TV Celebrates Couch Potatoes in Super Bowl Ad Debut

Pluto TV is making its Super Bowl debut by sending up TV watchers, better known as couch potatoes.

The 60-second spot by Haymaker, the Los Angeles-based agency, is here. The spot takes viewers to a farm that raises an unusual crop.

The narrator explains that “couch potatoes grow big and strong here, fed with the finest content.” Pluto TV offers thousands of shows for free, allowing its users to open the app and find whatever they want.

That sentiment is reflected in the ad copy. One person-potato declares: “I love romance, but I also love murder. I like romantic murders.” Another explains: “I like anything where a hot person throws a glass of wine at another hot person.”

"There’s absolutely no shame in being a couch potato. Pluto TV Country celebrates the joy of that," said Jay Kamath, founder-CCO at Haymaker.



The message: binge-watching is a great American pastime.

“At some point over the past decade, the world of television became undeniably crowded and complicated, making audiences yearn for simpler days. Super Bowl LVIII offers an ideal opportunity to connect with viewers seeking that easy and comforting essence of television, a return to TV the way it should be,” said Valerie Kaplan, global senior vice president, head of consumer marketing, Pluto TV.

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