Hyundai Plans To Share Instagram Channel

In what may be a first for inspired cooperation among brands, Hyundai Motor America is offering free use of its Instagram channel to other groups/companies this weekend.

Playing off the recent Hyundai Santa Fe campaign of "Conquer the Weekend,” Hyundai has decided to do just that over this coming Super Bowl weekend. 

While the automaker is on hiatus, its Instagram channel will be up for grabs for 30 minutes to  an hour. 

“Basically, we’re going to AirBnB their Instagram to other brands,” says Jason Sperling, chief creative officer at Innocean USA, the automaker’s lead agency of record. 

So far the brands that are on board include Adobe, Best Friends Animal Sanctuary,, Boys & Girls Club, Drumstick, El Patio Foods, Heal the Bay, Houston Texans, Igloo, Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex, LA Rams, LA Chargers, Michael’s, Mint Mobile, Optimist Drinks, Opendoor, Planet Fitness, Red Lobster, Super73 Electric Motorbikes, Wienerschnitzel, Weber Grills and ZOA Energy. 



Many brands have some great ideas for how they’ll use the channel, Sperling says. The automaker is simply asking for some expression of “thanks” in return for the channel usage at the end of the brand’s time on the channel, he says.

On Friday, Hyundai will post a video saying that “We’re leaving for the weekend and we're leaving our Insta in good hands.” Then on Monday the brand will post a “We're back” video, along with pictures from the its fictitious trip to the mountains in Santa Fe. 

“So, while Hyundai won't be there for the Super Bowl fun, they'll be very much in it,” Sperling says. 

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