Antisemitism Ad, 'Silence,' To Air In Super Bowl's First Half

Last month Robert Kraft’s Foundation to Combat Antisemitism (FCAS) announced that it would air an ad the upcoming Super Bowl. 

Today the group disclosed that the ad will feature civil rights leader Clarence B. Jones who was a personal advisor and draft speech writer for Martin Luther King Jr.  



Jones is credited with writing the draft of King’s historic “I have A Dream” speech that King delivered on August 28, 1963 as part of the civil rights movement’s “March On Washington.”  It’s estimated that 250,000 people gathered to hear King’s address near the Lincoln Memorial in Washington.  

FCAS issued a teaser of the ad that shows Jones in his well-appointed office sitting behind his desk, pen in hand. As he writes Jones can be heard stating in the ad’s voiceover, “Sometimes I imagine what I’d write today for my dear friend Martin.” The full ad will first appear during the game.  

The Foundation said the ad, called “Silence,” will encourage people to stand up to antisemitism and other hate and implore all Americans to become “upstanders” and not be silent in the face of hatred.  

The ad’s main concept, per the Foundation: “All hate thrives on the silence of others.” It puts hatred of Jewish people in the conversation of others experiencing hate.  

The ad, which will appear in the first half of the game, was created by Los Angeles-based ad agency Quantasy, which is headed by co-founder and CEO Will Campbell. Other clients include American Honda, Spotify, Google, Kevin Hart and more.  

UPDATE: The full ad aired as planned and can viewed hereFCAS also re-aired an existing ad, which showcases an example of how to stand up to hate, during the Super Bowl pregame show.

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