Most Effective Super Bowl Spots, Creatively Speaking

The NFL's house ad was the most effective commercial of all the spots running in Super Bowl LVIII by at least one measure: creative effectiveness, according to an analysis released this morning by advertising creative effectiveness analysis platform Daivid.

Popeye's "The Wait Is Over" ranked closed behind based on the AI-powered platform's proprietary creative effectiveness methodology, which tested all of the Super Bowl spots on a panel of nearly 200 Americans.

See the top 10 ranked below based on a score of "10" being most effective.

NFL "Born To Play" Score: 7.45

Popeye's "The Wait Is Over" Score: 7.29

Uber Eats' "Don't Forget" Score: 7.23



CaraVe's “CeraVe with Michael Cera...Ve” Score: 7.11

Paramount+ "Hail Patrick" Score: 7.10

T-Mobile's "Audition" Score: 7.07

Mountain Dew's “Aubrey Plaza Having a Blast Score: 7.07

T-Mobile's “That T-Mobile Home Internet Feeling” Score: 7.04

Bud Light's "Easy Night Out" Score: 7.03

Pringle's "Mr. P" Score: 7.01

State Farm's “Like A Good Neighbaaa” Score: 6.93

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  1. Douglas Montgomery from Global Connects, February 12, 2024 at 4 p.m.

    would be very curious to know the parameters of this analysis, i.e. the weeds

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