A Brand Promo Lure For A New Sports Streamer? NFL Not Happy

Not everything is going smoothly for those three major legacy TV companies when it comes to efforts to build a blockbuster sports streaming service.

It seems the NFL is none too happy about the ESPN-Fox Corp.-Warner Bros. Discovery sports streaming service that will have plenty of NFL content on a new streaming service to show off.

That said, those that are not part of this trio -- Paramount Global and NBCUniversal -- already have their NFL content on their respective streamers (with the league's approval), as well s simulcasting their linear TV network coverage of games with their respective linear TV networks, Paramount+ and Peacock.

The NFL was not pleased that it wasn't notified about the new joint venture streaming service, dubbed "Spulu" -- a riff on Disney's Hulu streaming service.

Reports say the league was somewhat blindsided.



The problem is that all legacy TV executives involved signed NDAs -- non-disclosure agreements -- preventing all parties from disclosing anything.

Currently, reports indicate that NFL lawyers are pouring over the league's current monster -- decade-long NFL TV/streaming contracts that started up in 2022 for an eye-popping $110 billion in rights fees overall.

It is this number we should focus on, as well as why these three major TV platforms/networks -- ESPN, Fox Corp. and Warner Bros. Discovery -- are moving in this direction?

They want to get the most out of those very expensive, not-always-profitable NFL deals, and are desperate to use any favorable brand connections to promote the success of a new, much needed streaming addition to their direct-to-consumer businesses.

The trouble is that the NFL probably believes it should not only be consulted for its approval as a promotion lure for consumers but also whether it might be entitled to part of a possible big $40 monthly fee consumers will pay for this 24/7 year-round sports service.

No doubt some blindside tackling could be coming to some of those legacy TV network executives in the coming days and weeks.

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