TikTok App Launches On Apple's Vision Pro VR Headset

After two weeks of being on the market, Apple's Vision Pro virtual-reality headset has added a native TikTok app, “reimagined” from the mobile and web versions to offer Vision Pro users a more immersive experience.

At first glance, the app does not differ much from the original iOS and Android versions. Videos, for example, are displayed in a vertical feed, with like, comment, favorite and share buttons, but more screen room transforms the way comments and creator profiles appear to avoid cluttering whichever video is playing.

Via the headset's Shared Space feature, the app will live in users' periphery as they play around with other apps.

On the Vision Pro, TikTok also integrates with immersive environments, allowing users to scroll through their feed and watch videos while they are on a virtual moon or Oregon’s Mount Hood.



TikTok's product lead Ahmad Zahran wrote on LinkedIn that his team “redesigned the entire TikTok experience from the ground up” for the Vision Pro.

As it continues to compete with TikTok, YouTube has also hinted at the development of a Vision Pro version of its video-sharing app, saying earlier this month that “a Vision Pro app is on our roadmap.”

The TikTok app is available now, but the Vision Pro's high cost of $3,500 may keep this new version of the short-form video app from being utilized by the company's core audience, which primarily consists of people under the age of 20.

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