AI-Driven Affiliate Marketing And Ads? Brands Leap Into A New Era

Wildfire Systems, a financial technology platform that powers white-label loyalty programs, this week announced a browser extension for Google Chrome built on generative artificial intelligence (GAI).

The extension provides affiliates with what the company calls a better way for creators to monetize content that recommends, reviews, and compares products and brands.

"How affiliate marketing is presented in the world is changing," said Wildfire CMO Tristan Barnum. "Affiliate was built for word-of-mouth marketing by humans. Merchants and brands now need to evaluate if their affiliate programs are optimized to earn from word-of-mouth recommendations driven by AI.”

Barnum said this means investing in accuracy of data, broadening affiliate agreement terms, and Apple's Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP) compliance, and systematic updating to be accessible on mobile and other platforms.



RevenueEngine, available now, is built on an AI infrastructure to support monetization. Anyone developing large language models (LLMs) or building products or content on top of them can use it, and it provides immediate access to approximately 60,000 global affiliate partnerships through the company's platform.

As the content and technology from AI that mentions brands, consumer products, and sites increases, the technology enables brand advertisers to get additional exposure for possible sales by automatically turning those mentions into tracked ecommerce links.

Brands become part of the Wildfire merchant network and appear in RevenueEngine’s links. The platform creates articles and automatically inserts affiliate ecommerce links into that content, such as “ranked,” “best of,” or “compare and contrast” product posts, as well as AI-generated images.

These features save content creators time, as they no longer need to individually apply to online merchants’ affiliate programs, wait for approval, and then manually create and insert monetized links.

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  1. Mark Aronoff from Konnecto, February 19, 2024 at 8:21 p.m.

    Fascinating.  It was only a matter of time before AI is playing it's part in the partnership economy.   Watching this story as it develops.

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