Cover FX Takes Bite Out Of Hickeys

Ever wonder how to cover about love bites? Beauty brand Cover FX has an answer.

Its new campaign, "Hickey Magic" runs indefinitely on TikTok. It offers a makeup solution for a skin concern: how to cover a hickey.

The impetus was research showing that many people search online the day after Valentine's Day about how to remove hickeys.

Movers + Shakers was responsible for the concept. The brand’s influencer team then enlisted creators for the campaign. Tinx, Haley Kalil, Anna Kai, Cely Vazquex and Ella Halikas are all featured on TikTok in "Hickey Magic," each illustrating how to cover love bites easily.

Sara Mitzner, vice president, brand marketing at AS Beauty, told Agency Daily: “The main goal of the campaign is to increase awareness of our brand and product, Total Cover Cream Foundation, and to drive views and engagement by leveraging our creators’ followers and the communities they’ve built. 

"People know CoverFX, though we may not have been top of mind the last couple of years, so we felt this would be a great and relevant moment to reintroduce the brand.”



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