Cannes Lions: Putting "Sustainability-First" Principles To Work In Media & Creatively


Reducing Farming-Related Pollution In India

 Cannes Lions is out with a new report that purports to show how companies can embed “sustainability-first" principles into their creative strategies. 

The report packages up case studies from some of last year’s Lions winners along with advice like support “behavior change” with culturally relevant and effective solutions.  



Here’s one example. Open-air crop burning is a traditional technique in Indian farm culture and one that has led to significant air pollution across the country. So PepsiCo’s Lay’s partnered with an agricultural university there to create a new design for an earthen kiln for the controlled burning of stubble. The project reduced fertilizer costs to farmers by 33% and increased their crop yield by 19%. And, it won Lay’s and Leo Burnett India a Lions Award as well.  

On the media side the report advises, “select channels for your media plan that help you double down on your brand’s sustainability message.” Case in point: How Volkswagen attracted PR and helped exceed its sales target by 9%, using paint that cleansed the air in its outdoor advertising campaigns. 

You can sign up to get a free copy of the report here.  

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