Ad Fontes Media Partners With The Trade Desk To Steer Ad Dollars To Valid News Sites

Ad Fontes Media, which rates news for bias and reliability, has integrated its rating data with The Trade Desk’s programmatic buying technology. 

The arrangement allows advertisers to direct their ad spend dollars toward worthy journalistic sites, while screening out partisan, AI and clickbait websites, the firms say. 

The goal is to give advertisers “as much confidence as possible that they are advertising against premium journalism content,” says Samantha Jacobson, chief strategy officer, The Trade Desk. 

Ad Fontes Media integrates with The Trade Desk’s new contextual API on the new Kokai platform partner portal, the first data provider to do so. 

Users can select reliable, minimally biased inventory at both the domain, app and article levels, the firms say. 

The firms hope that billions in advertising spending will now support towards quality news journalism, while tapping into the reach and higher ROAS the category affords. 



 “The Trade Desk has always pioneered how digital advertising works with a mission-driven focus on making the open web better for people and publishers,” says Vanessa Otero, founder and CEO of Ad Fontes Media.

Otero adds, “One of the pillars of making the internet better is making good journalism a profitable endeavor for more publishers.”

Ad Fontes Media, which publishes the Media Bias Chart,  uses human analysts and AI technology to rate over 10,000 news websites, TV shows, YouTube channels, and podcasts.



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