'Sports Illustrates' Places Box Office, Its NFT Ticketing Platform, On Avalanche


Sports Illustrated may be challenged on some fronts, but it is moving ahead on others. 

SI Tickets, the publication’s NFT ticketing site, is partnering with Ava Labs to move its main platform, Box Office, to the Avalanche blockchain network.  

Box Office’s NFT ticketing solution serves paid or free events, and offers “adjacency” to non-NFT tickets for sports, concerts and theater, the firms say. 

“Ava Labs is a best-in-class partner, and Avalanche will help us continue to give our partner venues and events the ability to transform the ticket into dynamic content to further engage guests,” says David Lane, chief executive officer, SI Tickets.  

Lane adds, “There are countless advantages of blockchain ticketing, and as it continues to gain adoption, we believe our partnership with Ava Labs will create the market leadership the Web3 community has been waiting for,” 

“Event organizers from the US to South Korea are realizing that Avalanche-powered NFT ticketing can add new dimensions of value by engaging fans in new ways,” states John Nahas, senior vice president of BD at Ava Labs.

SI Tickets was launched in 2021. It claims over $2.5 billion in inventory and 50 million sports, concerts and theater tickets.




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