Apple Makes Annual 'Replay' Music Rundown A Monthly Feature

As Apple Music attempts to compete with Spotify's popular “Wrapped” feature, the music streaming service is making its “Replay” experience –– an annual recap of users' listening habits on the app -- into a monthly release.

Now, at the end of every month, Apple Music users will have the option to log into the website,, and access insights regarding their top-played tracks and how many minutes they spent listening over the course of the month.

From there, users can share their Replay insights across their social-media profiles where their followers will be able to check them out.

Apple Music users can also go back to their previous monthly and yearly stats in the app's archive.

However, Apple said that only users who have “played enough music” will be able to see their monthly stats.



Apple launched its Replay feature in 2019, piggybacking off of Spotify's success with Wrapped, alongside Tidal and YouTube Music, which released their own yearly recaps in 2020 and 2021.

Spotify's year-end Wrapped feature has gained mass appeal since its launch in 2016, with 30 million users accessing it in 2017 and over 156 million users engaging with the feature in 2022, including artists, politicians and major celebrities.

What makes Wrapped a successful marketing tactic is its made-for-Instagram Stories format, which allows users to easily share their rundown with their friends in a digestible and visually appealing way. The sharing process stretches across various social platforms as well, with the #SpotifyWrapped hashtag amassing over 66 billion views on TikTok.

It will be interesting to see if Spotify now copies Apple (and YouTube Music, which launched a quarterly seasonal recap in 2022) by making Wrapped a more regular experience.

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