Institute For Ad Ethics Expands Into Greenwashing

The Institute for Advertising Ethics (IAE) is expanding its role with a new program focused on the ethical use of environmental claims in advertising.

The initiative, which expands on seminal discussions and webinars the IAE has hosted on potential ad industry liabilities related to greenwashing, is part of a new institute charter for greenwash prevention.

The move expands on a variety of ethical education, training and certification programs related to advertising ethics, including the use of data, consumer targeting and messaging, and comes as the ad industry has been confronting liabilities for harmful marketing in other categories, including the opioid crisis.



As part of the initiative, the institute has formed the IAE Climate Consortium comprised of experts from leading advertisers, consumer advocacy groups, academic institutions, industry auditors, law firms and ad agencies to help insure the integrity of environmental and climate communications.

In a related move, the IAE has created a new "greenwash prevention curriculum" and has created a new "Green Shield" certification for ad industry professionals who complete it.

While the efforts are largely self-regulatory and don't have an explicit watchdog component, the goals are mainly to educate industry pros and encourage best practices related to environmental claims in advertising, marketing and PR.

“Developed with preeminent social scientists, climate misinformation specialists, industry exemplars, policy experts, and government officials, this program equips professionals with essential training," says IAE President and Consortium Manager Andrew Susman, adding: "Working together, we have raised the standard for ethical environmental messaging.”

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