Nokia Jumps Into AI Mobile Network Solutions Supported By Nvidia

Nvidia will work with Nokia to develop artificial intelligence (AI) solutions in its mobile network. It plans to use AI and analytics in telecom to streamline services, including those for advertising.

The Finnish company on Wednesday said that under the agreement it will use Nvidia processors with its software to develop cloud-network technology and explore how artificial intelligence (AI) can help change the industry.

Tommi Uitto, president of Mobile Networks at Nokia, touted the "important collaboration" and called it an example of its anyRAN cloud services approach that helps to make Cloud run radio access (RAN) a commercial reality.

“As AI is poised to change the landscape of telecommunications infrastructure and services within the mobile operator sector, this collaboration aims to deliver incremental value to end users through the introduction of innovative telco AI services,” Nokia said in a statement.

Nokia will collaborate with Nvidia on Cloud RAN solutions that leverage the NVIDIA Grace CPU Superchip, a high-performance accelerator technology, as well as the Cloud RAN software.

The company also will use Nvidia GPUs for AI applications and vRAN acceleration, paving the way for RAN that runs on AI.

The collaboration is designed to help its customers get Cloud RAN services up and running much faster, removing complexity. 

Google Cloud in 2023 partnered with Nokia to support Cloud RAN to provide communications service providers (CSPs) with a flexible operating model that extends from the core of the network to the edge.

Microsoft also had a partnership with Nokia in 2011, when the company built smartphones using the Windows operating system that featured the Bing search engine. In September 2013, Microsoft announced the acquisition of Nokia's devices and services businesses, and sold it in May 2016. 

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