Lincoln Launches Digital Scent Collection

Lincoln is launching an olfactory experience that aims to rejuvenate drivers and passengers.

The Ford Motor Co. luxury brand’s digital scent collection includes seven specially curated in-cabin scents.  

This is more than just a static air freshener thrown under the seat or hung from your rear mirror. 

Available in the 2024 Nautilus, Lincoln Digital Scent allows customers to select and customize three scents for the cabin using the vehicle’s center screen, which is also used to control the level of scent dispersed. 

Each scent cartridge features a microchip and is controlled through the vehicle’s center stack touchscreen. The driver can create a profile to customize how the scent is dispersed throughout drive time.

The cartridges diffuse from the center console, separately from the vehicles’ heating and cooling systems, so the driver can turn the scent on and off independently. Scent cartridges were rigorously tested in temperatures –40 F to 185 F (–40 C to 85 C) for compatibility with multiple climates.



The scenting experience also works in collaboration with the new Lincoln Digital Experience, which is customizable to let drivers extend their digital lives into the vehicle through their favorite apps and services.  

The collection features Mystic Forest, Ozonic Azure and Violet Cashmere -- which were previously announced as part of the Nautilus reveal last spring -- and will now add Cloud Balsam, Serene Seashore, Twilight Embers and Sunlight Retreat.   

Fragrances were specially curated by perfumers for the brand in collaboration with Lincoln designers.

For example, Mystic Forest is described as having “an earthy blend cedarwood, rich notes of patchouli, amber and yuzu citrus“ while Ozonic Azure is “a crisp fusion of aromatic patchouli and traces of freesia and spice.”

The digital scents are available for purchase through, Lincoln Access Rewards, or by accessing the QR code on the center stack touchscreen. 

The scents allow customer to immerse themselves in revitalizing moments during their drive, says Teresa Cheung, manager of client experience.

Lincoln says it is continuing to explore new ways to bring in signature features to its vehicles. Lincoln engineers and designers have studied how the senses can impact mood, as well as physical and mental wellbeing, and how that translates into a relaxing experience for the client.

“Scent is one of the five senses that has one of the strongest connections to not only memory, but emotion and can play a significant role in creating an experience for our clients on the road,” said Flore Tramblin, visualization designer for Lincoln, in a release. 

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