Kevin Hart Fits 29 Hours Into A Day In Fast-Paced C4 Energy Ad


If there’s a common truth we all can agree on, it might be that there just aren’t enough hours in a day.

C4 Energy plays off the relatable premise, kicking off a new campaign with an ad starring the extremely busy comedian and actor Kevin Hart, who has to “fit 29 hours into a 24-hour day” in a new ad for the energy drink brand created in collaboration with his own Hartbeat production company.

The fast-paced spot then proceeds to show Hart navigating a nonstop schedule that sees him juggling multiples calls in at least two languages, hitting the gym and basketball court, brainstorming creative ideas and more, before another day arrives and it all starts up again.

According to the brand, the morning workout routine depicted and Hart’s affinity for C4 Energy are authentic.

"He’s been taking the product for years during his 5 a.m. session with long-time trainer and C4 Energy partner, Ron ‘Boss’ Everline, calling it his ‘turn-up juice,’ Annie DeSanctis, vice president of brand strategy at C4 Energy parent company Nutrabolt, told Marketing Daily.



The ad follows the introduction of the “Energy That Hits” tagline, which functions as a brand platform for C4 Energy, with a campaign launched last year around the NFL season.

The ad arrives amidst fierce competition in the energy drink category.

“The energy drink space is one of the fastest growing industries, making it incredibly competitive, which you can assume makes it very challenging. But really, we see it as an opportunity to continue to evolve,” DeSanctis said.

“This is the first time we’re really showing the product out of the gym or off the field and demonstrating how ‘Energy That Hits’ can help you perform at the top of your game -- whatever that means to you,” she added.

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