Sorrell The Younger Creates A Stir In The UK

Mark Sorrell, son of Adland luminary Martin Sorrell, made headlines in the UK today, reportedly threatening to bail from his post at Goldman Sachs after more than two decades of service there.  

According to reports (the Financial Times had the story first) the contretemps was over a new operating committee at the firm that Sorrell was not invited to join. 

Sorrell is co-head of the firm’s M&A business along with Stephan Feldgoise, who was invited to join the new operating committee.  



Another executive who was also snubbed is threatening to leave the frm as well.  

The FT described the committee as one way the company is adding to the responsibilities of the next generation of leadership at the investment firm. 

Squeaky wheel gets the grease as the saying goes. I guess we’ll find out shortly just how much young Sorrell’s talents are valued by GS.  

I wonder what advice Dad is giving Mark on the matter?  

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