Businesses See AI As $1.6 Trillion Productivity Boost

Generative AI could save $1.6 trillion in U.S. business productivity each year by improving communication, according to a Harris Poll survey done for consultant Grammarly. 

According to the survey workers spend nearly half their workweek on writing tasks and about 10.5 hours in meetings. Which to my way of thinking leaves precious little time to do actual work. 

The survey showed a disconnect between leadership and workers on the effectiveness of internal communications. 87% of leaders say their company’s communications efforts are effective. Only 63% of workers agree. 



Will generative AI save the day? Workers think it’s possible—77% of those who have used it say it makes them better at their jobs and has transformed how they communicate at work. About 66% believe it will enhance their work performance versus replacing them.  

58% said they wished their companies were more open to implementing AI, although 52% acknowledge that they don’t know how use it.  

See more from the survey here.  


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