Apple Reportedly Starts To Test GAI Tech Support Tool

Apple is testing a new generative artificial intelligence (GAI) tool that will enable employees to offer faster technical support.

Through a pilot program called Ask, select AppleCare support advisors have access to the new tool called that automatically generates responses to technical questions received from customers, MacRumors reports.

Advisors can then relay the info to customers in online chats or on the phone.

Not much has been disclosed about Apple's use of GAI.

The report says the tool will automatically respond to a query with information from Apple's internal information, and advisors can rate an answer as "helpful" or "unhelpful."

It uses Apple’s internal database to train the technology. 

Advisors will have an option to ask up to five follow-up questions per topic.



The report explains that after collecting feedback and allowing to tool to learn, Apple plans to make it available to more advisors.

The industry is expected to learn more about Apples AI plans during its annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in June.

Apple CEO Tim Cook during the company's last earnings call said Apple engineers are working on AI and would share details later in the year, when they announce iOS 18.

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