Meta Expands Instagram Creator Marketplace Access, Tests AI Recommendations

In an effort to facilitate more creator-brand campaign partnerships, Meta has decided to expand Instagram’s Creator Marketplace tool to eight new markets, including Canada, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Japan, India, Brazil and Chinese export brands.

The company is also testing a machine learning-based feature that recommends the best collaborations.

The Creator Marketplace initially launched in 2022 as a means to help connect US-based brands with Instagram influencers for in-app partnership opportunities. To prioritize relevancy, the Marketplace asks creators to list their interests and the kind of content they specialize in creating.

From there, brands can better understand which creators might be best for specific ad campaigns.

By opening up the Marketplace tool to new markets across the globe, advertisers will gain access to a wider variety of creators who could help expand their target audiences.



In addition, Meta says it is testing a new machine learning-based recommendations feature that uses Instagram data to further help brands discover which creators in certain marketplaces would be best for their campaign goals.

The new recommendations will highlight creator accounts that have strong engagement rates in a brand's area of focus, have mentioned the brand in previous posts or have a proven track record of good work for a similar business.

Brands and creators can use the Creator Marketplace to communicate via the Partnership Messages folder, which allows brands to reach out to creators directly or create and send a project to multiple creators outlining the branded content or ad opportunity.

“Advertisers can boost organic Instagram content as partnership ads, including branded content with the paid partnership label, or they can create new partnership ads in Ads Manager,” Meta explains in a blog post.
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