'The Finger Lakes Times' Cuts Monday Print Editions

The Finger Lakes Times, a paper serving the Finger Lakes region of upstate New York, is joining the list of newsrooms moving from print to digital.

The Times, which first appeared in 1895, is scrapping its Monday edition and serving news on that day only on its digital platform. 

Readers are advised to use the paper’s app on its website.

The reason for the change is that the Times is facing the same issues as those confronting the rest of the news business. 

For one thing, “the cost of printing this newspaper has — like so many other things — skyrocketed in recent years," writes Mike Cutillo, publishing and executive editor of the Times. "Supply-line issues and inflation have combined with the closure of paper mills and print shops to push the costs of production and delivery higher than they ever have been.” 

Cutillo adds, "It’s the way technology is going, and while we realize it will be disruptive for many, it’s the way we believe the Finger Lakes Times needs to go to stay ahead of the curve."

But there will be “five print editions delivered to your mailboxes Tuesday through Saturday and one digital edition delivered to your devices on Monday,” Cutillo assures readers. 




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