Zaxby's Launches 'Milkshake Tourism' In Macon, Georgia

Foodie tourism is a global phenomenon. People will travel far and wide for the best tastes, from luxury Michelin-starred meals in California’s wine country to walking treks through the delicacy-laden Thailand Night Markets,

In honor of the return of its milkshake to its own menu, Zaxby’s has set out to create Milkshake Tourism -- because, why not? Zaxby’s shakes have been on “hiatus” for the past seven years, according to the company’s announcement, which no doubt built up customer demand for its comeback. This is where the “tourism” comes in -- the milkshake is only available in Macon, Georgia.

In a collaboration with Macon’s visitor and tourism bureau, Visit Macon, Zaxby’s is offering the four new shakes as an “exclusive market test that invites visitors and locals alike to experience Milkshake Tourism," per the announcement.



The lineup consists of the usual Vanilla, Chocolate and Strawberry flavors, along with the Birthday Cake’shake, flavored with baked cake, buttercream and French vanilla.

Macon’s Mayor Lester Miller touts Zaxby’s as part of Team Macon-Bibb: “Together, we're turning Macon into the Milkshake Capital of America!"

All four Zaxby’s shake flavors will be served exclusively at the chain’s 20 Macon-area locations.

Zaxby’s has also taken over the Visit Macon website, where every tourist activity is hilariously centered around Zaxby’s Shakes, such as Milkshake Sports, a Milkshake Tour, musical events (with pics of musicians with milkshakes), and “Things to Do” which are “Milkshakes here, milkshakes there, Zaxby’s Milkshakes everywhere.” An online video effort also depicts Mayor Miller touting Macon and the “wonders” of Zaxby’s Shakes, along with many other shake-sipping community members.

A date is yet to be announced for the shakes to roll out nationwide, so for now milkshake aficionados need to book a ticket to Macon.

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