Luxury Group Makes Offer To Lagardere For 'Paris Match'

French publisher Lagardère, which itself sold a 59.8% stake to Vivendi only three months ago, is mulling an offer from LVMH to sell Paris Match magazine.

The offer, which could rock both the luxury goods and publishing fields in France, was revealed during a Lagardère meeting on Tuesday to discuss year-end results, although the sum was not reported. 

Arnaud Lagardère, chairman & chief executive officer, stated that “we've received an offer that is quite significant. Nice to say, from LVMH. It's our duty and especially my duty reporting to the board to work on that offer.”

He added that “it might take some time,” and that it would include “talking to the unions of Paris Match and maybe Lagardère at the same time.”

Lagardère also noted that the offer came in after the financials had been calculated.

The Lagardère group achieved 14% revenue growth YoY for a total of  €8,081 million.

The firm also publishes Le Journal du Dimanche,JDD magazine and the Elle Brand (license), and operates numerous other enterprises. 





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