Law360 Editorial Workers Vote To Strike

Union employees at Law360 have voted to authorize a strike, according to the NewsGuild of New York, parent of the Law360 Union.  

The employees, who work in editorial, are protesting what they charge is the company’s intransigence at the bargaining table, unlawful tactics and planned layoffs after record profits in ’23.   

The vote took place on Sunday through Monday. According to the union, 95% of its members voted and 96% of those approved of the strike.  

On Feb. 15, the company reported record profits and announced a 10% staff reduction, the union states.  

“What this vote means is that we are standing together and ready to walk off the job indefinitely unless LexisNexis and Law360 do the right thing by us and the people who pay to subscribe to our work,” said Hailey Konnath, a reporter for Law360 and unit chair for the union. 



Konnath adds, “Terminating our members and dragging out contract talks has forced us to this point and we want to be absolutely clear we will not back down.”  

The NewsGuild of New York filed an unfair labor practice charge on behalf of the Law360 union, alleging that the company engaged in regressive bargaining, threatening them with less favorable terms the longer the negotiations continue. 

Publishing Daily could not verify these claims. 

The contract expired on Dec. 31, 2022, and negotiations started that November. 

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