Joint Venture Formed To Assist Brands In Entering International Markets

U.K.-based AccuraCast and U.S.-based Motivity have formed a joint venture to help brands successfully reach international audiences by navigating markets, cultures and regulations around data privacy.

Localization is key to crossing international boundaries, which can become challenging. Making mistakes can become costly.

The new collaboration will assist businesses in the United Kingdom and elsewhere in the world to move into other markets.

Artificial intelligence (AI) and a variety of regulations in the European Union have made the transition from one continent to another complicated.

"The UK and the U.S. do not sync up on many issues," said Kevin Ryan, founder and CEO at agency Motivity. "There is such a huge need for this type of help."

The joint venture -- Accumotiv -- will help brands navigate the potential challenges and ensure that the brand’s digital marketing campaigns successfully prioritize, resonate, and measure success. The team will provide analysis on the best places to market and advertise. 



For example, Ryan said, a U.S. client who markets travel to U.S. parks and destinations such as Antelope Canyon may find that a high proportion of travelers who visit the park come from Germany and specifically, from Bavaria. Gaining an understanding of this is part of building an advertising and marketing framework. 

"It's about acting in the clients' best interest," Ryan said. 

AccuraCast works with brands such as Penguin Random House, WTW, Club Med, and PwC.  

Farhad Divecha, managing director of AccuraCast in London, says Motivity in the U.S. has decades of experience working with brands such as Rolex, Sony, Thales, and Aramark. "The agency will be a valued extension to our team,” Farhad said.

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